Niels Wilhelm Knudsen - bassistJakob Svensson - vibraphoneJens Sondergaard alto & tenor saxophoneDennis Drud - DrumsThomas Maintz - Guitar & Effects

The Niels Wilhelm Knudsen Quintet

Niels Wilhelm Knudsen

Niels Wilhelm Knudsen - bassist


Bandleader, composer and bassist. A hardworking musician, Niels has released four albums of original music. Beside leading his own group he has been touring and recording as a sideman for various projects.

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Jakob Svensson

Jakob Svensson - vibraphone


In Copenhagen, people are beginning to take notice of Jakob ekstraordinary talent. The humble Jakob, studied in L.A. before hitting the danish jazz scene. A composer as well, he has recorded an album with Bob Moses on drums, hopefully to be released soon.

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Jens Sondergaard

Jens Sondergaard alto & tenor saxophone

Alto and Tenor Saxophone

A respected veteran of the danish jazz scene, Jens is a invaluable asset in NWK5, playing every kind of saxophone as well as applying his arranging skills to the tunes. Jens is the 2009 winner of a Danish Music Award for his duo recording with pianist Kenny Werner.

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Dennis Drud

Dennis Drud - Drums


Powerhouse drummer, Dennis, has boundless energy and creativity when he’s at the drumkit. A Copenhagen resident for the past twenty years, he has been playing and recording with most jazz cats in town. Also, Dennis is a passionate and very knowledgeable record collector.

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Thomas Maintz

Thomas Maintz - Guitar & Effects

Guitar & Effects

A busy man, Thomas leads his own groups, composes, plays various instruments i theater productions and plays with a big band on his night off… In 2014 he released the wonderful album ‘Present’ featuring Scott Colley bass and Jonathan Blake drums.

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Photos: Kamilla Søndergaard